social etiquetteWe are a part of the whole everywhere we look around, at work, at school, at home and at last but not the least socially.

Social etiquette is a delicate chapter of our social behavior because we engage globally meeting people with different views or preferences.

We decide to have close interaction with fellows from our niche and not only, being social also means to welcome anyone, to answer when we’re notified, to help as much as we can and of course to solve patiently every misunderstanding or even conflict.

You’re curious how to start right?

Suppose you’re notified via email that someone started following you on Pinterest. That’s great if you’re addicted but it’s not enough to open the inbox, select the message and delete it.

Make a little selfless effort and go to that person’s profile, follow back as many boards as you wish or follow all, it’s always up to you, and check what social links are connected. Because of the fact that you can’t thank someone for choosing to follow you on Pinterest right there, click for instance on twitter profile link and add a friendly thank you tweet. I use one like this:

“Hi @twitterhandle, thank you for @Pinterest following! Good luck and “happy pinning” #pinterest”.

As a power networker, if I decide to share something on the social web I use this kind of message:

“Friends, take a moment and follow username on #Pinterest to find out what inspires him/her”

If I’m notified that a digital friend of mine just joined Pinterest I use a welcome message to encourage that person to become social:

“#Welcome to @Pinterest, good luck & happy pinning #pinterest”.

This is simple courtesy that costs nothing but it’s benefits are long term guaranteed and almost for sure you’ll have a new follower on Twitter too :)

Latins used to say that “Repetitio mater studiorum est” (repetition is the mother of study) and I’m sure you’ll agree that experience comes with the time and patience.